Sunday, March 13, 2011

I am Cinderella or maybe Dorothy

Either way my sassed up shoes are awesome and fit for any Disney movie or maybe just a night at the bar. Here is the tutorial.

Glitter - I used large sized pieced of glitter and it took about 3 oz
Modge Podge
Clear Glaze
Sponge brush or other method to apply glitter/Modge Podge mixture

1. I used a pair of flats that had some embellishments so I had to remove those first.

2. Mix glitter with Modge Podge I used a 1:1 ratio, Just remember, this part does not look beautiful, but don't worry the Modge Podge will dry clear leaving only the glitter.

3. After mixing the MP/glitter to your liking apply to the shoe uppers making sure to not drop any on the sole of the shoe. You should apply to the entire shoe upper and then allow to dry for 25 minutes. Then apply an additional coat of mix. You will need to apply 4-5 layers of mix being careful to allow it dry between each application.

4. After you have applied 4 layers of the MP/glitter mixture allow to dry for approx 12 hours. Then apply a thin layer of clear glaze. I used Dresden Clear Glaze.
Ok, you are officially done, now go enjoy your shoes!

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  1. These are cute Miss Clara Belle! Love them :).