Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Piper's Pearls: bringing the outdoors indoors

Ok, so I know I haven't put any of my projects up lately, but I promise I am furiously sewing. In the mean time check out Piper's Pearls amazing tree mural. No, seriously, amazing. Check it out

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Alice in Wonderland needle work

I hope everyone is having an amazing weekend, and enjoying this beyond beautiful weather. Feeling Stitchy just highlighted some great Alice in Wonderland
embroidery patterns. Be sure to check the patterns out here. Ok, I am off to enjoy the sunshine

Monday, April 5, 2010

No Sew Apron, I promise

As you know I am an avid crafter/DIY'er, and often times this extends
into cooking and baking. However, I have to be truthful, sometimes my
favorite part about working in the kitchen is wearing an adorable
apron. Somehow when I tie an apron on I am convinced that my culinary creation will be magically transformed into something fit for Julia Childs.
This rarely happens, but I still enjoy wearing the apron, and I am always
delighted when I walk into my kitchen and see my aprons hanging
on the wall.

Here is a project that proves making an apron can be even more fun than wearing one, especially when it is budget friendly and requires no sewing!
This project took about 45 minutes, and was light
on the clean up. I promise.

• 3 Fabric Quarters - These are 18''x21'' remnant pieces of fabric, and generally run about a dollar a piece. or you can also buy them in a pack of five or six, which is what I did.
• Steam a Seam or Stitch Witchery - If you use Stitch Witchery sub that in when I use Steam a Seam, and do not iron adhesive
• 2 yards of 1''-2'' ribbon

• Iron
• Ironing Board

Make the job easier items, but not required

• Rotary Cutter
• Clear cutting edge/Ruler

Ready, Set, Craft!

1. Select 2-4 pieces of fabric quarters depending on how colorful you
want your apron to be. I selected three.
2. Iron your pieces on medium heat.
3. After you have ironed each piece Lay the clear ruler on top of
each piece of fabric, and cut two pieces of each color. My pieces are
about six inches wide, but you are free to select your own width.

4. Layout your desired pattern for the apron.

5. Cut 1/2 inch (lengthwise) strips of Steam a Seam
6.Lay one piece of fabric "print side up", peal one side of paper away
from Steam a Seam, and press firmly against fabric, peal away the back
side of the adhesive and lay down the second piece of fabric "print
side" down lining up the edge of the fabrics.( Your fabrics should be
right side together) Then iron edge for five to ten seconds.

7. Repeat this process until all pieces are attached. (This will depend
on how many pieces you are using.)

If you do not want pleats go ahead, and skip this step

8. After the apron is assembled lay out the piece "print side up".
Begin from the left side, and fold one pleat to the left by folding
the fabric under the "top". Do the same on the right hand side of the
pleat. If you have not done this before they should look like the pleats are "facing" each other. Complete this process on each fabric piece. You are creating a"pop up" on each strip of fabric.

If you skipped
the pleating join in again.

9. Place Steam a Seam strips across the top of the apron in two rows
the width of the ribbon.

9. After pealing back the top Steam a Seam tissue paper, lay the
ribbon "satin side" across the adhesive strips press firmly.
10. Almost there iron across the ribbon bonding the fabric and ribbon together.

11 Congrats! Your No Sew Apron is complete run to the kitchen, and make something or just wear your apron with some pears and pretend you are June Cleaver.