Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Valentine Flags

Valentine Flags

1 yard of fabric of different prints
Matching thread
Straight edge
Rotary cutter/scissors
Sewing machine
Paper/Card stock
Valentine’s Day is nearly upon us, and while normally I would say it is too commercial this year I am swept up in the whimsy of it all. So I decided to make a string of flags with Valentine colors. It was incredible easy, and took about an hour.
1. On card stock, cardboard or a piece of paper draw a triangle. I did it by making an eight-inch line across the bottom of card stock. Then make a mark at 4 inches. Using a ruler extend the line 9.5 inches long at a 90 degree angle. It should look like a T. After you have completed that connect the lines of your triangle, and cut out. It should look like this.

2.After selecting the fabric you would like to use fold the fabric “right side” together leaving the “wrong side” of the fabric face up. Place your template triangle on the fabric, and trace the triangle onto the fabric. I used a fabric safe pencil, but you can use another writing tool if it is more handy.

3.Cut out the triangle using the rotary cutter or scissors. They will look like this. I made seven flags so I cut out 14 triangles. You can adjust this for how many you plan on using.

4. After the triangles have been cut place one triangle face up, and place the other of a different print on top of the triangle face down. Pin the triangles together.

5. Sew the two longest sides of the triangle together then turn it right side out.

6. After you have completed sewing your flags move onto the binding. Depending on how many flags you made your binding will be a different length. I cut a 2-inch wide by 2-yard long strip of fabric. Then fold the bottom and the top of the fabric toward each other.

6B. Then fold the fabric one additional time making a “sandwich”.

7. Pin each flag between the two layers of the binding.
8. Sew the binding and the flags together.
9. Hang up, and enjoy!