Hi, I am Nicole Howell or Miss Clara Belle! I am a crazy crafter spreading the DIY gospel through classes, tutorials and my own little etsy shop.
My notorious crafting career began while I sat beneath my Mom’s sewing table as she meticulously laid out patterns for my Christmas dress. While I loved the feel of satin and velvet on my skin I could not bear the idea of spending so much time making a project according to someone else’s rules. So I blazed my own DIY path refusing to color inside the lines (truly, I nearly had to repeat Kindergarten because I would not color in the lines) and learning to sew, craft, paint, glue and everything else on my own terms. I have continued my renegade philosophy believing that nearly any project can be created regardless of access to a pattern or the ‘right” materials. Instead, I will try my hand at nearly any project, and hope to inspire you to challenge yourself to find joy in the process regardless of the outcome.
Who is Miss Clara Belle?
So glad you asked! Miss Clara Belle is a spirit, a belief an affirmation, of our desire as humans to create. Miss Clara Belle is named after my loving, hard working adventurous Grandmother who taught me that I could be feminine and still play in the dirt and climb a tree. Miss Clara Belle is for the adventurous spirit in all of us that wants to run faster and jump farther.